Prevalent Health Issues of Animals for Farmers

Nowadays, the main health-related problems farmers are observing in their animals are as follows:

Animals suddenly die.
Newborn calves are either born dead or sick.
They suffer from diseases in their legs and feet.
Skin diseases develop in them.
Their weight remains low despite being fed properly.
Worms, lice, and ticks infest their stomachs.
Blood appears in their milk.

Due to such numerous diseases affecting their livestock, farmers are very distressed nowadays. Due to a lack of information, they are unable to take proper care of their livestock.

To enhance the knowledge of our farmer brothers on this topic, we are providing some links below. With their help, you can learn about home and traditional treatments for animals in your own language to keep your livestock healthy.

Herbal Treatment for Animals (English)

पशुधन की घरेलू चिकित्सा (हिंदी भाषा में)

वनौषधिव्दारेजनावारामं उपचार (मराठी भाषा में)

Herbal Treatment for Animals (Tamil)