About Green Alerts

Green Alerts Service is related to providing real-time alerts on weather, and air quality, pollution, preservation of the environment and wildlife. As we all know weather plays an important role in the life of farmers. Weather intelligence helps them in making informed decisions. Green Alerts Service converts normal villages into Climate Smart Villages by delivering authentic and actionable hyper-local weather intelligence to farmers on their mobile phones via www.greenalerts.in

What problem does Green Alerts Address?

Local Weather Information generation, analysis and automatic delivery to smartphone holders and feature phone holders farmers. This will help them to decide when to irrigate their fields and how long they can wait, when to do chemical spray on crops if they spray without prediction of rainfall and rain occurs after spraying then all money time, and effort is lost. Climate Smart villages will be more confident as they will be having an automatic system of weather intelligence delivery. Their agriculture and animal husbandry operations and businesses will be profitable and sustainable as climate impact will be mitigated.

There are few mobile applications that give predictions to those farmers who use smartphones. Farmers having feature phones do not have any option for mobile but they ask from other farmers who have smartphones and they are also dependent on radio and TV where they get general information only.

There is no system for generating hyper-local information on weather intelligence. Weather radars are available but they cannot analyze and deliver automatically. Green Alerts Service is bridiging all these gaps by use of technology and will provide real-time data on their smart as well as feature phones through different modes.