Rainwater reuse System by Sita,10th class, Adarsh Senior Secondary School

A rainwater reuse system is the simple process or technology used to conserve rainwater by collecting, storing, conveying, and purifying rainwater that runs off from rooftops, parks, roads, open grounds, etc. for later use. How to Harvest the Rainwater?
Rainwater harvesting systems consist of the following components:
Catchment- Used to collect and store the captured rainwater.
Conveyance system – It is used to transport the harvested water from the catchment to the recharge zone.
Flush- It is used to flush out the first spell of rain.
Filter – Used for filtering the collected rainwater and removing pollutants.
Tanks and recharge structures: Used to store the filtered water which is ready to use.
The process of rainwater harvesting involves the collection and storage of rainwater with the help of artificially designed systems that run off naturally or man-made catchment areas like- the rooftop, compounds, rock surfaces, hill slopes, and artificially repaired impervious or semi-pervious land surfaces.

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