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Sprinkler System Poster by Ritu, 9th Standard, SNGRS

A sprinkler system is a network of pipes and nozzles designed to spray water over a specific area to extinguish or control fires, or to irrigate plants or lawns.

In fire protection, a sprinkler system is an active fire suppression system that can quickly detect and control fires by automatically releasing water onto the affected area. The system is activated when a heat detector or smoke detector senses a fire, and then water is sprayed onto the area, helping to extinguish the fire or control its spread until firefighters arrive.

In irrigation, sprinkler systems are used to water plants, lawns, and other landscaping features. The system is designed to distribute water evenly over the area being irrigated, using a series of nozzles that spray water in a pattern that covers the entire area. Sprinkler systems can be automated, controlled by timers or sensors, or manually operated.

Sprinkler systems are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for both fire protection and irrigation purposes. They are an effective and efficient way to provide water to large areas, and can help to conserve water by delivering it only where it is needed.

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